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Sebastian Litmanovich

I ran across Cineplexx a little over two years ago and pegged them for a Duggup – that’s as far as it got; until now. Going through my backlog, I decided it was time for a revisit. Two years on and I seriously wonder what took me so long.

Brazillian Sebastian Litmanovich is the musician behind Cineplexx and numerous other musical projects. Cineplexx is electro pop that puts you in mind of a David Lynch movie, that is, very interesting music but just a little disturbing. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. There are unexpected things happening beneath the surface.

Since I visited the Cineplexx website last – there has been an addition. Sebastian with his brother and collaborator Martin have released “Picnic” an album of diverse offerings that range from the sweet to the deranged. Not being able to understand Spanish is probably an asset in this case just use your imagination.

Think mashups, imagine windswept headlands with windswept singers facing into the wind, their white scarves billowing behind or bouncing down a rutted wide open road in a roofless touring car with a wicker basket on the back, or perhaps whirling around on a roundabout in a children’s playground. Any or all the above or make up your own images.

I find Cineplexx a musical experience that both intrigues and at the same time I can’t help but wonder why it has the facination for me. I guess you will have to listen to it and make up your own mind. Begin with the video of the single from “Picnic” called “HOJAS”.

Then take a walk over to MySpace for a tasty selection from “Picnic”. Enjoy

Postscript: Oh crumbs I just watched the video – I’ve been channelling this guy!

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