Bullet For My Valentine

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Oh dear, time for another Metal band, now don’t panic… they’re a good one. Bullet For My Valentine are from Wales over in the UK. They originally fired up playing  Metallica and Nirvana covers back in the late Nineties. The usual  rock band stuff follows, struggle for gigs, argue a lot, revolving door bass players and finally break-up.

But this is where it gets interesting, they get back together and find a new bassist, change their name from “Jeff Killed John” first to “Opportunity in Chicago”, then finally to “Bullet for My Valentine”. And then just to round it all off sign a deal with Sony Records via Visible Noise in October 2004.

It’s the rock and roll dream. Ten years to become an overnight success.

So what makes them stand out off the crowd? Well they lack the sheer “force of nature” drive that “Dragonforce” has but the lack of intensity is kind of refreshing. They give your brain a chance to absorb what the music is about. Have a listen to “Tears Don’t Fall” and you will see what I mean. Then check out the wonderfully incorrect “Scream, Aim, Fire“. This is so wrong but I can see it almost verging on parody (this would be me rather than anything intentional on the band’s part), I’m sure it’s the “Over the Top” line in the chorus. Some tasty guitar work though.

I like them, I have had them playing on the MP3 player alternating with Dragonforce and Linkin Park. They stack up pretty damn nicely.


Websites at www.myspace.com/bulletformyvalentine and bulletformyvalentine1.com

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