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Chairlift are the latest poster children for Apple. Yep these are the dudes responsible for the music in the new Nano ad.
(Yes,yes yes, I am being seduced by the music in Apple ads again, rather ironic really when you consider that the iPod doesn’t have a radio, remember when radio was how we discovered new music? Video really has snuffed the radio star)

“Bruises” is the song in question and it is a little gem, tight analog drum machine, ethereal synth washes and  Caroline Polachek’s killer vocals that wander from conversational to faux yodel and back, it reminds me in places of Imogen Heap’s work. The rather conventional Duane Eddie guitar is a perfect touch. Still what do you expect from a band whose  members are all multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for vintage keyboards.

I rather liked the quote in the Crawdaddy review..

Chairlift, a relatively new arrival to the fertile Brooklyn indie-pop and rock scene that has spawned bands like MGMT and Grizzly Bear, expertly meld older influences with innovative sounds. They’re content to let their band evolve and develop before making a push for the kind of scrutiny and overexposure that’s now a fact of life for some of their fellow Williamsburg-based groups.

That was written before the Apple ad came out and the under exposure went straight out the window.

When you listening to Chairlift, you hear a band that is having a ball exploring pop’s less rummaged through nooks and crannies.  “Earwig Town” is a real keeper, with the twangy guitars and insistent rhythm patterns it sounds like a soundtrack for a film noir spaghetti western. The best thing about these guys is that they don’t end up where you think they will. The little journeys that their songs will take you on are range near and far through interesting musical landscapes.

Here is some live concert footage from

Also over at Woxy’s blog “The Futurist” there is some live stuff and it’s really well worth a listen.

Highly Recommended.

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  1. I like Chairlift’s Bruises. I’m wondering if that might be because I like The Cure and Regina Spector.
    Play Cure’s “Close To Me” and Regina’s “Fidelity” to get what my drift.

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