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Oliver Mtukudzi is a truly legendary figure in contemporary African music, his albums are consistent best-sellers in his native land and beyond (he releases on average two albums a year).

Trust me, this guy knows how to write a song, killer melodies (that will haunt you), rhythms from Zimbabwe and the South African townships and some of the most dealy lyrics you will find. He uses bright and happy music to expose the social and political dilemmas and the darkness that confront the people of Zimbabwe. He isn’t the first and wont be the last but he is one of the best. In his lyrics there are metaphors and folk tales that powerful and meaningful messages that have helped address issues that far too often remain ignored or shielded from view. And just to top it off a great voice and guitar playing.

Here is an example, Ndakuvara…

There is a great track over at his Myspace site and a good selection of songs at LastFm, checkout “Neria”. Just heartbreakingly fantastic.

Highly Recommended

Websites at www.tukumusic.com/ and www.myspace.com/olivermtukudzi

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