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Czech band Poitín

Everyday is a little adventure combing the byways and peering into the darkness of the odd gimmel of the Internet, and sometimes you find something that jumps out of the darkness screaming. This was such a day.

Poitín was the name of a band here in Australia. I frequented the bar of the Dan O’Connell in Carlton on numerous Saturday afternoons to partake of their smoke and alcohol fueled Irish/Scottish lust for life and music.

That Poitín are no longer strutting their stuff on the folk stages of Melbourne, instead there is a younger even more exotic band running around with the same name.

This incarnation of Poitín hang out in the burbs of Bohemia in the Czech Republic no less and like their namesake – the booze rather than the band, they are fiery and flawed. That celtic tiger has prowled far and wide and left her dainty footprints in the most unlikely places, it seems.

In any case the line up is as follows: Jaroslav “Oto” Machácheck – fiddle (founder member); Jakub Siegl – guitars; Jan Brabets – bouzouki, banjo, tin whistle; Jeremy Marc King – lead vocals, bodhran; Hana Cirova- low whistle and tin whistles; Sasha Shantorova- flute and whistles; Dick Savage- Didgeridoo, spoons.

Here is a video of Poitin Live at the Angel, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Their bio reads:

Poitín play Celtic music in all its shapes and forms from haunting Breton melodies to raunchy traditional Irish songs. They’ve performed at festivals across Europe in Italy, France, Poland and Germany and the Czech Republic. The latest cd, Hot Days (2006) features a daring mix of saxophone, didgeridoo and more traditional instruments to create a sparkling collection of songs and tunes, some traditional, some new, all suffused with Poitín magic.

So if passion counts for anything – this may be the music for you. MySpace website: www.myspace.com/poitinkapela and for a little added spice head over to SoundClick for more streaming media for your delectation. Enjoy.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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  1. Hi Jools – Thanks a lot for the review! I only just found it. A nice surprise 🙂 All the best from Jeremy and Poitin

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