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A celtic folk band from where? Poland? No stranger than the last weeks offering of a celtic folk band from the Czech Republic, just as unlikely though. This particular band Banshee, and there are a few going by that name in different places around the globe, consists of six musicians from Krakow in Poland.

One of the founding members, violinist Ania Woznica has recently left and her worthy replacement Kamil Skicki has stepped into the breach. The band now comprises Piotr Bielecki on vocals and acoustic guitar, Lukasz Bajorski on acoustic guitar, djembe and mouthorgan, Milosz Pawski on bass guitar, Przemek Galek on tin whistle, low whistle and bodhran, the aforementioned Kamil Skicki on violin and Blazej Zadworny on bagpipes, bodhran, irish spoons and keyboards.

With influences listed as Lunasa and Flook they could hardly go wrong. So it is with pleasure that I share this musical treat with you. “Greenland” performed live by Banshee in Krakow, 2008.

Fortunately they have uploaded lots of live footage so that you can experience them – by the magic of the Internet. The Banshee website has a slew of links to video footage (and interviews if you understand Polish) and guess what, they have a MySpace site as well.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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