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Ant Neely was featured on NPR’s Second Stage Podcast a week or so back and I was really taken with the “Scratch Redux” piece of his new album, it’s a really bright poppy song that belts along at a good pace, great beat, really nice slide guitar and just perfect vocals by Lisa Moore, it’s perfect for the MP3 player and a sunny day walking.

But the really good bit is that Ant Neely has released “Not Fit For Human Consumption” (the aforementioned new album) as a Creative Commons download. It’s full of very cool, genre bending electronic music that merges sounds from the 1940s and ’50s with more 21st Century timbres and textures.

Because the album has been released under a creative commons license, Neely actively encourages people to remix or rebuild upon Neely’s work, as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes.

Musician and composer Ant Neely is an advocate of literally spreading his music around the world. A member of the electronic band Subthunk, Neely has turned the release of his first solo album, Not Fit For Human Consumption, into a global experiment by leaving copies of the CD in public locations for people to find, copy, and then leave someplace else. With the help of those who find the CDs, Neely is tracking the movement of his album on his Web site. One disc made its way from England to Brazil while another hopped around the U.K. before landing in Africa.

Head over to, download the album and then if you like it slip him some bucks if you think it’s worth it. He covers such a wide musical landscape you are sure to find something you like.

Highly Recommended

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