Slaves To Gravity – Mr Regulator

By • Oct 14th, 2008 • Category: Alternative, Metal, Music, Rock

Time for another rock band, a loud, passionate, loud, guitarcentric, loud rock band. Gotta love it. The odd three part harmony is just icing on the cake. Now this is where you head to “Slaves To Gravity” website at and press play on “Mr Regulator”.

This is state of the art hard rock, tight and melodic guitar work with a lovely edge to it (check out the truly heoric hook that they are passing off as a chorus), the lead break is a gem. “Mr Regulator” is a great little hard rock song and  “Slaves To Gravity” are well on the way to an individual sound.

Here is a the YouTube video of Slaves to Gravity “Mr. Regulator”

Check out the other songs over at the website and see what you think. It works for me.

Highly recommended.

Websites at and

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