Fall Out Boy – I Dont Care

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Fall Out Boy are a Chicgao based pop punk act formed by Joseph Trohman and his friend Pete Wentz in 2001. Originally they were a heavy metal band, but soon moved on to a Green Day styled punk pop. Drummer Andrew Hurley of the metal-core band Racetraitor soon joined the band, and Patrick Stump joined after he introduced himself to Trohman at a Borders book store.

Huge Eighties sounding drums and even bigger guitars capture your attention in the first bar of “I Dont Care” and it doesn’t let up until the end. The anthemic chorus is a ripper, this is one of those audince participation songs that you can gaurantee everyone will know the words by the end of the second verse. Just like a good theme park ride you will get to the end of this song and immediately head back to the start and press play again (and again and again), it really is infectious.

The rest of the songs at their site are just samples, and they hint a something really good but the stone cold winner is “I Dont Care”


Websites at www.falloutboyrock.com/ and www.myspace.com/falloutboy

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