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I have been listening to “Lullaby” by _Ghost for a few weeks now and find my self coming back to it. It really only has the one idea but it’s not bad one. Everything in this piece revolves around the voice and it’s ethereal treatment. The chime tones are pretty and the washes in the background are captivating.

_ghost has a slim biography, read non existent.  OK, he’s from Poland and “Lullaby” was used for the game Crayon Physics Deluxe. His songs can be found and downloaded at ccMixter or his MySpace profile. Not really a lot , is it.

What’s ccmixter, I hear you ask? Here’s a bit about them…

ccMixter is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want. Remixers If you’re into sampling, remixing and mash-ups grab the sample packs and a cappellas for download and you can upload your version back into ccMixter, for others to enjoy and re-sample. All legal.

Head over and have a listen, despite “Lullaby’s” title, it’s a chaotic piece, rough in places, way to busy in other and you know what? I don’t care, nor it seems do a lot of other people.


Websites at www.myspace.com/ghostrust and ccmixter.org/media/files/_ghost/3631

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  1. i really do love this song, it is easily the most relaxing, and for some reason, nostalgic song i have ever heard. I have it on my iPod and whenever it comes up i always find myself looking at the world through a different pair of eyes, almost as if i’m in a movie, and i’m watching myself act…
    i don’t know, its really a weird feeling…this song really connects with my soul i think. sounds silly writing it, but if i could somehow film what goes through my mind during this song, watching it would bring world peace lol…

  2. Caleb hit it right on the head with ‘find myself looking at the world through a different pair of eyes’.

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