Pearl and the Puppets

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Pearl and The Puppets

Pearl and The Puppets

Bloody TV ads. First it was Sony and Jose Gonzalez, next up it was Apple with Feist, then it was Vodafone with  Charlie Parr and now it’s Vodafone again, this time with Pearl and the Puppets and “Because I Do”. (For those of you from overseas here is a link to the ad in question. It was shot here in Melbourne and I just discovered that it’s only being shown in Australia).

So from all this we learn two things

  1. Some advertising companies have really good taste in pop songs and
  2. Thatch really is a sucker for really infectious pop songs

From the Pearl website we have …

Pearl is the quietly rebellious leader of this alternative pop four-piece, which includes her backing band The Puppets. Her atmospheric, innocent and quirky songs capture the coming of age spirit while breaking through the barriers of expectation.

Well I don’t know about that but Katie Sutherland (Pearl) has a great line in simple arrangements, great lyrics, wonderful pop sensibilities and the music she writes is as infectious as all hell. If you don’t believe me head over to and pick any of the songs on offer. Once again it won’t matter which one, they are all really good.

On one of the sites I read “watch Katie Sutherland, she is going to be huge”. They’re right. Here she is playing live accompanied by only a percussionist….

I 100% agree, she is going to be huge. I really look forward to what she will be doing next.

So are TV ads are the new radio? Probably not but I hope that they keep up the good work. It’s a lot of fun so far.

Highly Recommended

Websites at and

(And for the record. No. I don’t use any Vodafone products and no we didn’t get a cent from them)

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