Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

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Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra are a duo from Oslo, keyboard player Morten Qvenild and singer Susanna Karolina Wallumrød.

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra can be found at the place where popmusic, electronica and jazz all intersect. Have a listen to “Believer” over at Its a wonderful languid piece that just unfolds at it’s on pace. A truly wonderful bit of work.

But for me the killer track has to be “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, the old Joy Division number. Trust me it has never sounded this good. Morten’s keyboard work is just spine tingling in places and Susanna just teases the words out, each word has just the right amount of emotion. There are places where you cant tell where one performer finishes and the other starts, the words just dive under the lush reverb and ambience and then slyly reappear. The arrangements are just wonderful.

The obvious comparisom is with Nouvelle Vague’s version, it is suprising how uptempo it sounds compared. It’s awfully hard to pick a preference.

Here is the YouTube video of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” …

Highly Recommended. (and too cool for words)

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