Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash – 1969 Sessions

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Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash 1969

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash 1969

This is one of those you might want to be quick posts.

Over at Aquarium Drunkard posted MP3s of some recordings that Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, made together during three 1969 sessions.

To quote from Aquarium Drunkard

This is a true peice of Americana — two iconic masters of their craft conversing with one another via song. Recorded throughout 1969 on three separate occasions, these recordings mark an important historical collaboration between two American poets/musicians. Even a casual fan of either artist should at least give these a cursory listen. Great stuff.

I have to be honest and say that Nashville Skyline wasn’t my favourite Dylan album when it came out but as time ( and I am talking decades here) rolled on I think I finally got it. Sometime I can be too clever for my own good.

It was amazing hearing “Girl From The North Country” for the first time in years, and don’t miss “Ring Of Fire“, it’s truly priceless.

So obviously this one is Highly Recommended

The Dylan/Cash Sessions

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