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El Witeri -The Mighty Red Eyes

El Witeri -The Mighty Red Eyes

This Melbourne Indie crew play smooth Reggae/dub. A big part of their sound includes the trumpet playing of Richard Burns and (Adam)A13 who plays samples and turntable. The dynamics will change with their departure to pursue other options. Meanwhile that still leaves James Orr on sax and Adrien Shaw on trumpet; so they still have a very fine brass lineup.

The rest of the ensemble are frontman El Witeri on vocals and occasionally guitar, Rohan Sherlock on bass, Steve Allingham on drums, King Charlie on guitar and Dan Marsh on keyboards. Together these guys make up a pretty hot team.

THE RED-EYES are led by fiery singer El Witeri who draws on his Maori heritage for inspiration. THE RED-EYES live show is nothing short of incendiary. The pressure builds with melodic slow-burners and sci-fi dub and erupts with fist-in-the-air militant reggae.

Find them on MySpace and they have some more samples on the band website. If they are playing in a state near you, go along and have a listen.

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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