Jun Miyake

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Jun Miyake

Jun Miyake

Jun Miyake is fearless. Play the track “Alvirverde” (It’s the first track over at Myspace) and you will see what I mean. The track starts with a beautifully played and recorded bass, then the drum machine percussion kicks in. And before you have a chance to register what is going on, there are these amazing intimate vocals , almost whispering in your ears. That’s just the first 16 bars or so.  It gets better and better as Jun plunders another dozen or so music styles – simultaneously.  This is seriously cool music.

Is it another “hard listening: piece? Probably, you can’t just throw this on in the background, it insistently tugs at your consciousness. It demands your full attention. It’s not good MP3 player music while you are walking around.

Here is some background…

Soon after he came back to Tokyo from his study in Boston and New York,
He started to work as a Jazz trumpeter, his style of playing was immediately respected and offered chances to make solo albums with people like Ron Carter, Al Foster, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, etc as well as Japanese top musicians.The success of the albums were’t just for his playing. He started to get offers of composing for commercials, his work quickly became so popular that at one point, he found himself writing music for more than 300 commercials a year for the biggest clients in town.

He also work for movies and features film credit among which Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday”, as well as collaboration with contemporary dance and theater pieces with Pina Bausch, Robert wilson, Philippe Decoufle, etc. His ability to blend the most seemingly disparate element of music garnered him several awards.

Lets face it Jun is a lunatic, his music is like a mystery tour wandering through genres and styles as the whim takes him. The arrangments are amazing as is the musicianship.

Highly Recommended

Website at www.myspace.com/junmiyakehome

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