Marina and the Diamonds

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Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds

A friend overseas sent me a review from the Guardian of “Marina and the Diamonds”. Paul Lester wrote a “New Band Of The Day” piece about them/her back in September.

Here is a bit of it…

Female performer with quaint Christian name and inanimate-object appendage alert! Marina and the Diamonds are the latest “and the” band, if indeed they are a band. Some of her/their songs are full-band performances even though on her MySpace, under “band members”, it simply says “me”. So we’re not sure who or what Marina’s Diamonds are, but then it took us quite a while to work out what Florence’s Machine was, let alone Joe Lean’s Jing Jang Jong.

and so on.

There are three wonderful tracks over at, self produced in her bedroom with really strong and even stronger (and stranger) lyrics. Just listen to them in order. “Obsessions” is my favourite. Lo-fi production and highly entertaining ideas and quite frankly Marina sounds like an she is a cross between Nina Hagen and Kate Bush. So we are talking way left of centre iconclast.

“Perfect” says thatch.

Lets face it, left of centre is good, iconoclasm is good, so she must be fabulous… well that’s the way my brain works.

Highly Recommended

Website at

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