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Lets start with a couple of quotes about Fewn

First there’s this one…

We all Do vocals on various songs, and we switch instruments a bunch.We also use instruments such as ukulele, and mandolin, organ, and kool shades, and hot keyz., and african thumb piano. Everybody Does everything

and this one…

Fewn is Arthur Bond, April Brennan, Matt Brewster and Dan Jircitano. Two of them live in the same house, three of them live in the same city, and four of them live in the same state. They met at college. They don’t know what they’re doing.

I’ll be honest this is one of those bands that don’t leave much middle ground. You will either love them or hate them. They are basically driven by passion rather than fabulous technique.

Me? I love them. They brighten the day every time they show up on the MP3 playlist.


Websites at www.awkwardcore.com/fewn.html and www.myspace.com/fewn

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