The Hoosiers – Run Rabbit Run

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The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers are an English band from the UK and Sweden. I spotted them a few weeks back on “Live from Abbey Road” show. My next stop was their site and I was hooked by “Cops and Robbers” which has the band channelling Robert Smith and the Cure. (Not a bad thing in my book).

Lets have a look at the videos that caught my attention and stopped me cold.

The Hoosiers – Run Rabbit Run” (Live From Abbey Road)

Consider this a bonus track. I couldn’t believe just how good this was when I first saw it.
Hoosiers – We Didn’t Start The Fire (Live From Abbey Road)

So here we have a band that has more ideas and energy than their songs can contain. They are fun, funny, smart and obviously very very talented. Oh yeah, they are also Highly Recommended

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  1. im glad someone in australia is finally noticing the hoosiers though its sad it took until 2009. they’re fantastic and if they got more publicity in australia i think they would be really popular here…

    from POM, aussie hoosiers fan

    ps. why not include videos of mr a or worried about ray. they would have wider appeal than the above two

  2. Hi Pom,

    pop the links to the songs you think should be here and I will make sure the links get through.

    For me the Live From Abbey Road performances were just wonderful. I mean to say , blue metalflake Les Pauls, a horn section and vocals that just run along the ragged edge of disaster. Truly Wonderful stuff.

    I have loaded “We Didn’t Start The Fire” back onto the MP3 player again. Thanks for reminding me of just how good these guys are

  3. i definitely agree that the two performances you posted are great and irwins voice is amazing.

    this is the youtube link for the goodbye mr a

    and worried about ray,
    which are their two biggest singles..

    i hope they come to aus some time soon!!

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