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Glasvegas are a four piece band from Glasgow.

Yes folks our first Scottish band of 2009, and they are a beaut.

Their sound is solidly based on the ever reliable three-chord trick and heaps of reverb. It worked for Phil Spector and  come to think of it – just about every body else since then (“Born To Run” anyone). Add some singalong choruses and big guitars (they don’t hurt either).

Let’s start with “Daddy’s Gone“. It’s a song about son dealing with his parents divorce. All done with the aforementioned big sound, doo wop chorus and break your heart lyrics. With lines like

“What kind of way is that to treat your wife?
To see your son on Saturdays
What kind of way is that to live your life?”
And then the refrain
“He’s gone, he’s gone”

Check it out…

My favourite quote about the so far , from the BBC

Glasvegas’ music sounds like the east end of Glasgow that gave birth to it; rough, raw and epic, it is a stunning wall of sound that strains the rich rockabilly and doo-wop of the 50s through the raucous brooding rock of The Jesus And Mary Chain to create something timeless.

Well, I don’t know about timeless but Glasvegas have been on the MP3 player since late last year and show no signs of leaving.

Highly Recommended

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