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Woo hoo – another metal band. Yes, yes, I know I was supposed to grow out of the metal band thing years and years ago.

Sorry. Not gonna happen. Ever since I found Dragonforce last year , I have been keeping an eye out for interesting metal acts. Truth be told, Jools spotted them first and sent them along for me to have a look at. (Thanks Jools)

Magician definitely fit the bill, a great mix of power metal and “Dream Theatre” prog-rock. the usual ferociously fast guitar harmonies and YES you can understand the vocals, and what a fabulous rock voice. There is an understanding of the role of dynamics to this bands work, there is light and shade in this bands music. It isn’t all full on and just plain exhausting.

Their 2006 album, “Tales of the Magician” is a conceptual work, telling the journey of Zhaldor, a mage seeking to free his homeland Zelgian from the underworld terror.

Sadly there are only two tracks over at the MySpace site for us to listen to (happily they are both brilliant). Here is the video for “Minstrels Dream”…

The band fired up in 2000 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, when Cristiano Schmitt (guitar), Elizandro Max (bass) and Zé Bocchi (drums) joined Dan Rubin (Vocals) and Renato Osorio (guitar) and this is the same line-up that survives today.

Killer riffs, great vocals, truly excellent solos. What more do you need really? Highly Recommended (turn it up- loud)
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