Deadfly Ensemble

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The Deadfly Ensemble

The Deadfly Ensemble

The Deadfly Ensemble‘s, “A Seed Catalog For Extinct Annuals”, is a  gem. A dark and disturbing gem. But a gem nonetheless.

This has been wandering off an on my MP3 player for a while now and they are one of those bands where you think “OK I’ll delete that one… or maybe not. May be next week” Repeat for the last three or so months.

My problem is that they are in the same playlist I keep “Abney Park” in and they are just such a perfect complement to the “Air Pirates“.

The album is just full of wonderful stories, wonderful dark stories, like the kind we were told as kids before the nanny state sanitised all the “scary stuff” out. The songs just seem to stick theirs heads out into the daylight, have a quick look and then scurry back to the dark places. Have a listen at

From the website …

Deadfly Ensemble

Deadly Ensemble

Fantastic musical tales of debutantes with extra limbs, twisted young financial geniuses, thirsty ghosts, shipwrecks, ogres, pirate queens and a whole host of other characters ensure that every instant, every note is rich with imagery and operatic invention.  The Deadfly Ensemble carves dramatic circles in the dusty floorboards of a shadowy attic and arranges melodies on the ancient instruments stored up there.  Cello, guitars, bass, a myriad of percussion and a troupe of voices deliver this album like a series of short operettas, each infused with their own dramas, their own victories and tragedies.  Discover this package of melodic worlds, this bundle of folk fables and revel in the adventure.  “A Seed Catalog For Extinct Annuals” confirms that the Deadfly Ensemble is a major voice in the realm of artistic music, and that they are masters of song storytelling.

A clip from YouTube…

Weird and wonderful – Highly Recommended
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