Casual Projects

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Casual Projects

Casual Projects

Casual Projects are a big band. No not that kind, I mean there are a lot of members – eight of em.
Pat Lillicrap – Vocals
Muchtar Johnson – Vocals
Julian Abrahams – Guitar/Vocals
Munro Melano – Keyboards/Vocals
Dan Bray – Saxophone/Synths
Nick Keeling – Vocals/Synths/Trombone
Kane Watters – Bass
Yen Nguyen – Drums

“Time” is the third single from the 2008 “No Rest”, it’s a ripper. Full of really aggressive guitar licks, Australian voices rapping and some of the wickedest funk grooves that have ever bumped up against a killer rock beat. When it it hits the middle eight it just kills. This is awesome stuff. I have had it on high rotation on the MP3 player for the last month and it shows no sign of leaving.

Hype from their site

” Combining elements of hip hop and rock, “Time” was produced by heavyweight producer Tony ‘Buchman’ Buchen (Macromantics, Pigeon John, Abby Dobson, Blue King Brown, The Whitlams and Kid Confucius). Delivering a beat which punches through a funky guitar riff ‘Time’ combines Casual Projects’ trademark lyrical honesty with a hook that could catch a shark. With Halloween just around the corner, the band decided to shoot the ‘Time’ video clip on site at the very spooky Kenmore ‘Haunted’ Psychiatric Hospital in Goulburn, NSW. There’s nothing like a zombie love story to tear at the heartstrings. Keep an eye out for this one!

Check out the video here …

The rest of the stuff at the Myspace site is just as good. The band currently have a residency at the Evelyn Hotel  here in Melbourne for the next couple of weeks. Don’t miss your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Highly Recommended.

Website at

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