Low Pressure Productions

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Low Pressure Productions

Low Pressure Productions

So back when I was a lot younger , I used to go and watch movies about  surfing.  There was something about the visuals, the music and the whole “pushing the envelope” attitude the surfers I had thaat was seriously attractive.  This was also back in the days when you could smoke in theatres.

I should add I didn’t surf. I played at windsurfing a lifetime back and that was very cool, I even treid surfing… I am even more in awe of these people now.

Today’s post sort of takes me back to that period with some really interesting music.

I will just rip of the stuff from the website.

Low Pressure Productions

The next release for Low Pressure Productions is the sound track to Life Like Liquid, a film by Dave Rastovich. Available now at Switch-foot.com

Life Like Liquid” is an exploration into the creative realms of surfing, sound and fluidity. This is what happened when a group of sonic surfers came together with no other intention than to ride sound waves, ocean waves and record the thrill of the ride. The plan was to have no plan at all. To allow intuition, chance and circumstance be our compass within every moment. The improvisational aspect shared by these two art forms is the escence of the Life Like Liquid experience.

The soundtrack was played and recorded in a beach house that was converted into a makeshift studio right on the dunes with views over the best waves in the region. The crew that were present just jammed, surfed, ate and slept every day for a two wk period. Heaven.

Life Like Liquid Trailer


There is a website at www.myspace.com/lowpressureproductions

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