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Arborea is Shanti Curran and Buck Curran. Shanti Curran provides lead vocals, banjo, harmonium, ukulele, sawing fiddle, and hammered dulcimer and Buck Curran provides, vocals, guitar, slide guitar and sawing fiddle. They both write arrange and produce.

Now I know most of you saw the word banjo, freaked out and were loath to continue BUT you really should head over to and have a listen to them. This isn’t a the folk/bluegrass act but a clever blend of old time music and new ambient improvisations.

Here is a review from “Dirty Linen”

Combining the common emotional thread running through ancient British murder ballads and the more evocative music found deep in the Appalachian Mountains, Maine folk duo Arborea creates timeless music, haunted by deep shadows. Named after a species of trees, Arborea comprises Buck Curran on acoustic, slide, and electric guitars, flutes, banjo, and vocals, along with Shanti Curran, who sings lead and plays banjo, percussion, guitar, bowed strings, and ukulele. Their songs are bathed in shimmering harmonics, spectral slide, and positively spooky banjo. The songs also evoke a kind of mysterious quality, in which you are never quite sure what the songs are about, but they seem to touch a place in your soul that instinctively understands.

So with the acoustic instruments of backwoods Americana, songs written in the style of English murder ballads and tons of improvisations all anchored by Shanti Curran’s hypnotic voice and surrounded by a truly spacious ambience.

I truly love this band and it’s Highly Recommended

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