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Circus Envy

Circus Envy are from Hull in the UK and as their website tells us:

Circus Envy are a rootsy five piece based in East Yorkshire, with a sound equally influenced by classic rock, folk rock and Americana.

Diverting from the mainstream by using instrumentation as exotic as the cajon, and the bouzouki, Circus Envy delight audiences when playing both electrically and acoustically, building on the strengths of each to create a subtly different, organic sound every time.

This indie band is hot and despite the fact they are only offering about 1 minutes worth from their songs, you can’t but help get sucked into the souring vocals of Leigh Hirst; if you have a Last FM account you can listen to the whole album or if you haven’t, it’s worth considering to hear it before buying a copy.

The rest of the band are James Paddison on bass and vocals, Mike Richmond on bouzouki, guitar and mandolin, Andy Clark on guitars and Mick Harding on drums, percussion and vocals. Their debut album “Take Me Home” is ripe with juicy tunes all vibrating with life and energy.

Pop/rock tunes with a folk feel, great voices and a really trippy band. Recommended.
Their website:

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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  1. Hi, just wanted to clarify that you don’t need an account with Last.FM to hear the album in full, anyone can do so for free at the Last FM link!

  2. Sadly that is not the case if you are in Australia. Licensing arrangements are different here and your comment only applies if you are in the US and maybe in the UK.

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