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Aural Vampire

Aural Vampire

We haven’t had a Japanese band for a while now, but recently I have been listening to Aural Vampire. They are a strange “Electro / New Wave / Industrial” Japanese electronic band which consists of Exo-Chika and Raveman. They hail from Tokyo and work a dark ,mainly electropopand synthpop music (lots of yummy industrial noises in places).

Exo-Chika and Raveman have known each other since highschool, where they were classmates and shared their interests in western horror movies and peculiar art.

After they finished school, both started making music.
Later they decided to form Aural Vampire, where Exo-Chika is in the role of a vampire and Raveman in the role of a butcher.

The track that is still on my MP3 player is “murealism”, it’s   seriously intense.  It just barrels along at a million miles hour. I think it reminds me of the theme music to “Bubble Gum Crisis”

This is how I found them, in my inbox…

Move over Gwen Stefani! Get ready to be dazzled when the real Harajuku posse takes over EBC. Japan’s flamboyant synth-pop duo, Aural Vampire, teams up with Melbourne’s own gender-bending trance master GPKISM on a showcase of Tokyo’s vibrant subcultures and the city’s dance music scene. A mixture of diva du jour, Lady Gaga, and the ABBA-inspired Madonna effort, Aural Vampire is sure to tickle the fancy of pop fans who like their music with a twist. Joining them is the explosion of crazy colours and trance that is Tokyo DJ SISEN.

Yep, they are playing here in Melbourne at the East on Saturday
18 April 2009.

Website at

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