No Age

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No Age

No Age

I was given some NO AGE to listen to after they were here in Melbourne last month. The person who gave it to me said “They’re loud and weird – you’ll like them”

They were right.

So lets run down the checklist.

Guitar? Check.
Drums? Check.
Yep – That’s it. Just the two instruments.

No Age is a two-person noise pop group consisting of guitarist Randy Randall and drummer Dean Allen Spunt. The band is based in Los Angeles and currently signed to Sub Pop records. They take their name from the title of a 1987 SST Records instrumental compilation, which Spunt discovered while working at Aron’s, a record store in Los Angeles.

Their strong ties with the Los Angeles underground community centered around the Smell and their DIY ethic is a throwback to the 1980’s strong hardcore and punk underground, and, indeed, that inspiration shines through on much of their music.

They have released two full-length albums, toured extensively in support of them, and are strong advocates of the All-ages Movement Project, an organisation that connects youth to each other and the arts through independent music.

If the NO AGE stuff I have been listening to is indicative of what they do live, then this band are a sure bet to outgrow the Los Angeles underground scene and with their “take no prisoners attitude” get a wide spread and appreciative audience.

Highly Recommended

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