Bear Hands – What A Drag

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Bear Hands

Bear Hands

Bear Hands formed in Aug 2006. They’re doing the best they can.

This is a quote from Bear Hands’ page at It tickled my sense of humour because they’re doing pretty damn well.

Four guys from New York, doing the usual “overnight sensation” grind. Playing every gig they can get and it is starting to pay off.

Bear Hand’s bass, drums and percussion  provide drive that is sharp and crisp. The guitars are loud, and just perfect. Vocals and lyrics round off a really interesting package.

There is a ton of talent in this band and it sounds as if it is all starting to come together. Have a listen to “What A Drag”. The rythym section will have you just itching to turn it up. Their music covers a wide range of influences and this appears to be putting some critics off, me I think it makes them.


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  1. I can´t get what a drag lyrics please send me lyrics …. TNx

  2. Sorry Francois, ‘fraid we cant help. You are just going to have to do it the old fashion way. Listening and scribbling.

    Try contcting the band through their MySpace page, cant hurt.

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