Tim Hecker – Borderlands

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Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker

I was over at Amie Street and stumbled across Tim Hecker, it’s time for some “hard listening” folks. So you wont walk away humming the tune today, just warning you up front.

Tim Hecker is an electronic/ambient artist based in Montreal, Canada. He mad a name for himself as Jetone creating techno/dance music, but his ambient works have garnered him a heap more interest.

His music has been described as “structured ambient,” and “cathedral electronic music” (I like that one), his soundscapes dance along the line that separates noise and melody and he creates complex, truly beautiful and thought-provoking songs.

So lets chat a bit about his album “An Imaginary Country“, the best way to approach this is possibly imagine Tim as a tour guide through a aural landscape. Each of the tracks is a different region and he is pointing out some of the interesting possibilities that are available.

“Borderlands”  sounds like a huge cathedral like space, populated with shimmering , piano-like synths and  samples of organic noise that just wander around. The sounds are so wonderfully rendered that you cant see how it was done, the illusion is just perfect. The combination of fantasy and natural sounds make this a really enjoyable experience.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has been definitely entertaining me.


Websites at  sunblind.net/ and www.myspace.com/rainbowbloodx

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