The Submarines

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The Submarines

The Submarines

Oh bugger, Apple have side swiped me yet again with their latest iPhone ad. This time it’s The Submarines, damn the APple ad dudes know how to pick a catchy tune. At least this time they gave the band an actual credit in the ad.

A quick trip to Google and before you knew it I was listening to “You, Me and the Bourgeoisie” and slightly in awe of the lyrics, they explore the dichotomy of our need for social consciousness and the hypocrisies inherent in our own lives – sort of like writing a really good song and then selling it tio Apple for an ad campaign. (Art imitating life)

John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard recorded HONEYSUCKLE WEEKS, their second album as THE SUBMARINES, as summer vines blossomed and the sun coaxed green grasses up around the stones leading from their East LA home to their garage-turned-home-studio. Honeysuckle Weeks weaves together themes drawn from their immediate surroundings and experience: the garden outside, and the push and pull of life and love inside.

The tracks available at sound just wonderful. Here is a band that knows there influences and embraces them. From the evil dub groove in “1940”through 60’s pop and then on into their own individual feel. I really like this duo, they are wonderfully comfortable on the ear and with repeated listings you discover just how clever they are.

Highly recommended

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