Brock Zeman – The Train In Me

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Brock Zeman

Brock Zeman

Brock Zeman is another one of those artists that I have no idea how I found him, I am just glad I did. His song “The Train In Me” off his album “$100 DIFFERENCE” is a gem. It sounds like John Mellencamp and Steve Earle should have written it.

Brock is another American story teller (ironic as he’s Canadian but let’s not let geography mess up a good story, they are next door neighbours), and he has a lot going for him. What appears to be a ton of good songs, with great stories, really memorable melodies and a very cool sense of humour (Listen to “Killer In The Corn” over at his MySpace site- the solo alone is priceless).

Hype from the site…

Over the past five years Brock Zeman has elbowed his way into the independent music world. The 27 year old singer-songwriter of Carleton Place Ontario has already released 6 albums and toured Canada and the US extensively averaging 250 to 300 dates a year. His signature roots style, has been praised by critics for the maturity of his vocals, the depth of his storytelling and his impressive live performances.

He was first discovered by Canadian Country Hall of Famer Keith Glass (Prairie Oyster) who went on to produce his first 4 releases. By the time of his 5th released Brock was picked up by Busted Flat records out of Kitchener Ontario, and in the past five years Brock has become known as one of the most prolific, hard working artists to fly under the radar.

Here is a video of a house concert performance of “The Train In Me”…

There are more songs over at and Head over and have a listen, it’s really good stuff.

Highly Recommended (and I love his guitarist Dan Walsh as well)


I spotted a couple of live recordings over at, there is a concert from November 2008 at  Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, Texas
The band line up was Brock Zeman Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Dan Walson Acoustic Guitar, Vocals  – Blair Hogan Bass, Vocals

This is fabulous stuff. Have a listen or stream it. Just be aware its over two hours of concert.

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