Two Lone Swordsmen

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Two Lone Swordsmen

Two Lone Swordsmen

Two Lone Swordsmen are British DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall and studio engineer Keith Tenniswood. They fired up in the mid Ninetie’s and have over the years have played with a multitude of styles, from electro to post-punk to idm (intelligent dance music?). To give you an idea of just how much stuff they have done have a look at their page at

So with all the myriad bands available for us allĀ  to listen to, why these dudes?

Texture, have a listen to “Born Bad Born Beautiful” or “No Girl In My Plan”. Both are full of just the best bass and drums and guitars that I have had fun with for ages. These are songs full of strut and attitude. It’s not so much a “would you like to have a listen to these tracks? Maybe?” so much a splintering of the door as it is kicked in andĀ  you are grabbed by the lapels. With a voice in your face saying – “Good Innit!”

Here is some hype about a recent album

With elements of garage and rockabilly, but also the more familiar layer of electronica, this double album promises a whole new direction. What is particularly striking is Andrew Weatherall’s growth in stature, not only as a singer and frontman but also as a sharp wordsmith. Here we find tales of love and rejection that rip open a seething underbelly of mistrust, tension, revenge, and redemption along the way. Like Robert Johnson’s appointment with the devil, Two Lone Swordsmen find themselves in a clandestine engagement at Dante’s Inferno, pulling up a stool while St. Nick pours from the bottle and take a hearty swig.

The best thing is that over the years their focus seems to have moved to making music WITH machines, rather making music by machines.

Highly Recommended

Websites at and

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