Dont Tell Sophie

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Dont Tell Sophie

Dont Tell Sophie

Dont Tell Sophie are the latest addition to my indie pop fetish. Two CD’s and a handful of EP’s since 2005 and frankly they just keep getting better.

“Sand To Glass” is the current release (they are recording a new CD at the moment) and it’s pretty cool. But my indecision not withstanding, I think my favourites are “Vonnegut” and  “Look No Cavities”. Or maybe “New Friends”.

What can I say, lot’s of guitars, killer melodies and hooks that just get seriously stuck in your head. This is a really tight band. Not over produced, wonderfully raw sound and to top it all off clever lyrics and really ggod vocals.

Be warned, these guys make music that is going to get stuck in your brain for weeks. Don’t blame me…


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