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I know, I know, Leonard Cohen is not a new artist in any one’s reckoning, but to be fair I have some music to review and I just can’t do it at the moment because Leonard has taken over my head.

Leonard Cohen - photograph by Jools

Leonard Cohen - photograph by Jools

So, that being the case and because Thatch hasn’t done it yet, I thought “what the hay”. I am in need of a dose of purple prose.

I was fortunate enough to be in the audience at one his recent Melbourne concerts and I must say that he is an artist who only gets better with the years. Ably supported by talented singers and musicians whose work lifted the performance to create a truly uplifting night’s entertainment.

Leonard Cohen’s music tends to polarize musical opinion. But love him or not he has influenced a couple of generations worth of musicians and having seen him live in concert I have become a convert. Up until the concert I was mostly ambivalent – afterwards- well that’s another story.

I suddenly discovered that I had been working with closet Leonard Cohen aficionados for years. Some people when asked will dismiss his music as being depressing, their problem is I suspect a question of perspective. Everybody should listen to his music after having lived through it.

He displayed a great sense of humour, humility and generosity.Wearing his heart on his sleeve, with an intimacy that burns like fire, his voice croons and caresses in turn. Sitting in that audience I felt he was singing for me and I felt, fleetingly like I understood what his words meant.

Enough of my take, Thatch will post his review about the concert in due course and no doubt he will also feature some of the musicians as well. Meanwhile I want you to enjoy a little of the Leonard Cohen magic here presented by CBS Radio 2 from Leonard Cohen’s Live in London Concert.

YouTube holds a plethora of his songs both old and new. Take a few minutes to listen and if you get a chance to see him – do. Highly recommended.

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