Andy James – In the Wake of Chaos

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Andy James

Andy James

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself “Enough of the pop thing already, find something louad, really really loud”? I’m calling it Thursday. And did I find the perfect player… Andy James is an awesomely talented guitarist from the U.K. He is also the best guitarist you have never heard of, he’s virtually unknown.

Unsuprisingly he started playing as a kid and got into playing Guns n Roses, Extreme, Queen, Van Halen and Joe Satriani. He got better, trust me.

“In The Wake Of Chaos” is the title track from his album of the same name. This is serious shredding folks, full on, heavy-duty and an intensity level that starts at 11.

Andy said in an interview…

My guitars for this were a John Petrucci 7 string Musicman and a Musicman Axis for rhythm. A Line 6 Pod for rhythm, a Boss BR1600 digital recorder, BFD for the drums and a Roland Cube 30 for all the lead tones. That’s it!. The Roland Cube was in a small cupboard surrounded by 2 pillows and a duvet mic’d with an SM57 cranked to about half volume.

What makes him stick in my ears as opposed to a lot of the other guitar heroes in training out there is his strong sense of melody. He writes music that displays his technical abilities but never lets it just turn into excess riffage, the melody seems to always be at the front.

He is also gigging with “Kaos 7 ” who I am looking forward to hearing


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