Dead Hoodlums

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Dead Hoodlums

Dead Hoodlums

Friday night and here is a Duggup to brighten the gloomy skies over Melbourne, bring a sparkle to your eye and a tapping to your feet.

By way of Oslo in Norway come the band called Dead Hoolums. Very much alive I fear and from what I can suss out about them, admittedly not much is out there, they are a dress-up and makeup kind of band.

If that’s not enough to pique your curiosity then how about the fact that that they play a sort of outlaw country meets circus. The band apparently defines their sound as “psychotic country” and yes, I think it fits – sorta.

To give you an idea of what I mean check out the video that wound up in my inbox. It is an animated video by Ritxi Ostariz, illustrated by Maria Picasso. The song is called No Cowboy from their 2008 album release Blood Moon.

Dead Hoodlum website.
and Dead Hoodlums MySpace for more high energy tracks like it, try London Town. Good stuff. Enjoy!

is a graphic designer who used to front a band on vocals and bass. All evidence of which have mercifully been obliterated or otherwise lost.
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