Paper People

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Paper People

Paper People

Paper People, don’t know what to make of them. A bunch of guys from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland who began by jamming on an old mandolin.

The tracks are raw, lacking in polish and badly mixed. The vocals at best are impassioned, the level of musicianship leaves a lot to be desired but and I can’t stress this enough, they have a spark that cries out loud and proud “perfection is over rated”.

Yes, despite their shortcomings they have got something that makes you sit up and listen to their songs. Take for instance Mood Indigo which can be heard on their MySpace site. This is a schizophrenic little number the has a really pretty mellow groove building up to a raunchy electric guitar solo.

From their website:

The Paper People have evolved, from a few mates jamming with their granddads antique out-of-tune mandolin, to battle of the band competitions, gigs, promotions and album recordings. The thing’s that inspire the band’s songs are girls, life experience, and life experience with girls. But the generality of the bands songs come from the world as they see it from a musician’s point of view, which of course, may seem a little obscure. Not everything in life is about making money, it’s about what you experience and how you express it, it may be in the form of an art work, or a poem, but in The Paper People’s case, it’s all out, in-depth expressive alternative rock music.

Sweet Nothings is another standout track that really shows their potential. I’m unable to verify if they are still gigging but I hope they are.

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