Kiss The Mistress – Priddy Pookah

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Kiss The Mistress

Kiss The Mistress

Kiss The Mistress caught my ear by surprise. All the more so because they don’t have a guitarist. I truly find their music quite startling.

The tune “Priddy Pookah” which romps along in 7/8 time, is a prime example. This puppy slips and slides , the ideas wander in and out and it never sits back and lets you get complacent. I gotta tell you I really love this one. Head over to and have a listen.

Here are their bios…

John’s unique style of playing crosses the boundaries between melodeon and accordion, and has strong roots in his earlier rock band experiences as a young ‘un. His pulsating pumping bellows takes the music out of folk niceties into places where squeeze boxes seldom go! He frequently gathers curious onlookers going “how does he do that?”

Ginny started playing folk ‘cello as a teenager with a ceilidh band until she was replaced by a set of bass pedals! Throwing off her classical discipline at college she explored improvisation and jazz voice. She finally returned to her youthful passion for folk music and combined voice and ‘cello, which took considerable amounts of practice! As well as the usual ‘cello qualities, her playing also includes dirty bass lines and ‘cello slapping that makes full use (or sometimes abuse) of the instrument range


The brilliant young musician Roy, plays with a maturity and flair rarely found in one so young. Influenced by the great John Joe Kelly, he has developed his style to include more unusual time signatures on both cajon and bodhran. A frequent show stealer, he usually has a cluster of adoring fans around him after each gig asking for lessons! He is well known in East Anglia having won awards for best young folk musician at national folk festivals

Kiss The Mistress performing live at High Barn, Braintree in March 2008. The tune is Geamparua a Bulgarian Wedding Dance. Bad video, good audio.

I believe that they are looking for a guitarist and whoever they get, he is really going to be really really good. Even if they never add one, trust me Highly Recommended is just an opening bid.

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