Steve Lawson – Grace and Gratitude

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Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson is a “New-Age Post-Rock Ambient-Jazz Solo-Bassist”, that’s what it says on his website. I found him though the looping work he does.  You really need to hear this guy’s stuff., head over to and listen to “Grace and Gratitude”. It is just beautiful. The space that surrounds the notes, the notes that chooses to play.

This is just glorious stuff.

Steve Lawson is one of the most respected solo bass guitarists around – his innovative use of looping technology has garnered him plaudits from across the globe, and lead to tours across Europe and the US and radio airplay in over 20 countries. His solo albums demonstrate his melodic multitracked approach to solo bass performance, with all the layers being added in real-time via the use of Looping technology.

I love this video lots of bass and loops and his partner Lobelia on vocals. And it gets wonderfully chaotic  towards the end!  All the loops and layers are live – there are no pre-recorded samples or backing tracks.  And yep, that’s a 6 string fretless bass he’s playing.

I confess that the performance reminded me of osh10 (we covered them last year).

Highly Recommended, damn this guy is a seriously good.

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