Gold Teeth

By • Apr 25th, 2009 • Category: Electronica, Indie, Music, Unsigned
Gold Teeth

Gold Teeth only fired up last year (2008. Their MySpace site seems to be doing all the heavy lifting of getting them noticed.

Hey it worked for me.

Electronics, Afrobeat, great rythms and yummy guitars. Think Madness meets Blu… “Everybody” and “Confused Blue” are my faves.

“Confused Blue” feels rythmically like a rework of  Bob Marley’s Jammin’, lyrically though it’s a lot lot darker. Lots of paranoia, alienation and suburban dark corners.

“Everybody” is just fabulous the direction of the music, all bright and poppy is totally at odds with the lyrics.I love the weird guitar though.

Give this band half a chance and they will suck you totally in. Highly Recommended


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