Autopilot Is For Lovers

By • Apr 26th, 2009 • Category: Folk, Indie, Music, Rock
Autopilot For Lovers

Autopilot For Lovers

Time for some of my favourite category – hard listening. Autopilot is for Lovers are awesome. Now I will be first to admit that you are unlikely to see the charms of this outfit on the first listen. BUT you really need to persevere.

Adrienne Hatkin,(the lead vocalist) has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. Her performance is so direct and intense. It takes some getting used to.

It’s not just the voice though it’s the range of styles that the band wander through.  These guys obviously have a low threshhold of boredom,  “Whale Belly” is dramatic and darkly romantic,  full of accordion and really interesting lyrics,. “Come Now”  (this is my fave) has more classical and melodic instrumentation,  with a gorgeous piano middle eight, “Pine Box Town” is heading out in to the territory you usually find grunge, and the intro to “Bones” sounds like it could be a Pete Seeger  folk song.

Hatkin describes her music to co-workers as “indie-rock blues with some Balkan folk inspiration”

So, a bit of work required but Recommended

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