Stars of Track and Field

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Stars of Track and Field

Stars of Track and Field

So I’m slow, it took me weeks to figure out why I was so instantly taken with Stars of  Track and Field’s dreamy atmospheric guitar based sound.

Yep it’s their dreamy atmospheric guitar based sound. Like I said “slow”

The band consists of

Jason Bell – Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Calaba – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Daniel Orvik – Drums/Samples/Programming

Now some of you will have spotted that there isn’t a bassist there.

Well done.

The story goes, when Stars of Track and Field found themselves without a bassist a couple of years ago, the  didn’t follow the typical steps to find a replacement. No want-ads were placed; no attempts were made to recruit from other bands and nobody within the group switched instruments. Instead, the band opted for the path less travelled: they went digital.

AT this point Stars of Track and Field becomes a totally different band, they now try and merge the old school  analog and the digital today.

Do they succeed?  I think so.

One listen to “Centuries” blend of vinyl-sampled kick drum, digital handclaps, reverse cymbals and keyboard arpeggio which builds to the song’s crescendo of electric guitar feedback, layered vocals and live drums.

Want more? Have a listen to “Movies of Antarctica” as it swings between a clinical digital minimalism and awesome guitar and drums wall of sound.


This is the video of  “Movies of Antartica”

Highly Recommended

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