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Late last  year a friend rang up in the middle of the night (well that’s what it seemed like) and played some music down the phone and asked me “who the hell is this”.

The answer turned out to be Rafael Anton Irisarri’s album “Daydreaming“. I hadn’t heard of him then (that took an hour or two’s research) but I have listened to him a hell of a lot since then.

“Daydreaming” is a mix of piano, electronics and some of the most gorgeous production you are likly to hear for a while. This is one of those works that just go straight for the emotional jugular and will have you transfixed.

OK I can hear you out there going “Piano, electonic, production – been there. What else you got?”

Well as it turns out around seven beautifully executed ideas. Don’t believe me?  Just Click on player just below and see what you think. We’ll wait

This album is all about the piano, all the other stuff surrounding it provide a context for the piano’s notes. In places murky and in others the acoustic palletes used are so stark and stripped back, you will wonder how Rafael is able to eke out such a deep emotional response.

I remember the first time I heard George Winston playing piano on a Windham Hill recording a long, long time ago. The music he created stayed with me, here is another artist and album that will do the same.

Highly Recommended

There is some new material over at Soundcloud soundcloud.com/irisarri

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