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Brock Zeman – The Train In Me

By • Mar 16th, 2009

Brock Zeman is another one of those artists that I have no idea how I found him, I am just glad I did. His song “The Train In Me” off his album “$100 DIFFERENCE” is a gem. It sounds like John Mellencamp and Steve Earle should have written it. Brock is another American story teller […]

The Electric Mountain Rotten Apple Gang

By • Mar 14th, 2009

Another weekend is about to begin and so it should start with a bang. Try this outfit and they will thrill you with picking, strumming and clawing banjos galore. The name of the band gave me pause, but it was worth investing the time into listening to them. They are from Austin, Texas and play […]

Old Man Luedecke – I Quit My Job

By • Mar 9th, 2009

Old Man Luedecke came to my notice when the Brunswick Music Festival email came out with a list of performers. This is what they had to say… Old Man Luedecke lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and works all over the huge country of Canada, from the Yukon to Vancouver. In the tradition of solo banjo […]

Lindsay Buckland

By • Mar 1st, 2009

I first ran into Lindsay Buckland years ago when he was busking here in Melbourne, his music would stop me cold every time and more than once I was late for a meeting or would miss the tram because of him.

Lindsay plays dulcimer and we aren’t talking simple folk accompaniments here (altough I am sure he can do them brilliantly. No siree, we are talking electric, amplified, signal processed, digitally looped and spat out dulcimer. And it’s brilliant.

Cotton Jones

By • Feb 26th, 2009

Cotton Jones are Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw and together they create a music that¬† mixes elements of folk, rock and gospel into a truly familiar sound. The guitars and voices blend together like old friends. Hype from the website… Paranoid Cocoon: the debut full-length for Suicide Squeeze.¬† It’s an album full of quiet, wooden […]


By • Feb 25th, 2009

Arborea is Shanti Curran and Buck Curran. Shanti Curran provides lead vocals, banjo, harmonium, ukulele, sawing fiddle, and hammered dulcimer and Buck Curran provides, vocals, guitar, slide guitar and sawing fiddle. They both write arrange and produce. Now I know most of you saw the word banjo, freaked out and were loath to continue BUT […]

Naturally 7

By • Feb 23rd, 2009

My first reaction on hearing Naturally 7 do their cover Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight” was “Where the hell are the guitars???”. Actually my first reaction was “damn they’re good”. Head over to and have a listen. The New York based group are all committed Christians and it is from gospel singing that […]