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Ginja Roe – Heart Of It

By • Sep 7th, 2008

Ginja Roe are Meg Doherty: ( she writes songs, sings, strums, drums, and plays the blues harp) and Pam Wouters: ( she sings, strums, drums and taps). Don’t you just love over-achievers. Well thanks to the dudes at at New Found Frequency there is a fabulous LIVE recording from a gig they did at the […]

Ollabelle – Riverside

By • Aug 23rd, 2008

Every so often I stumble across a band who you could arguably class as somehere between country and  Americana and I just get caught up in their performance. Today’s find is New York band “Ollabelle” and it’s their fabulous repertoire that just kills me, “songs of hard times, loss, compassion and hope” is how Fiona […]

Sally Morgan

By • Jul 26th, 2008

Sally Morgan is an indie performer from Boulder, Colorado. Her songs are a a very approachable countrified set of songs featuring pleasing arrangements and double tracked harmonies. Singer songwriters are not an uncommon commodity but what makes this lady stand out from the crowd is the quality of her material. It’s an amalgam of styles […]

Kathleen Edwards

By • Jul 11th, 2008

With a voice that reminds me of Linda Thompson, Kathleen Edwards is here to break your heart. Go to start with Buffalo and tell me I am wrong. Then just work your way through the playlist in sequence. Next up is “The Cheapest Key” which has all the strut and bravado of a New […]

She & Him – Sentimental Heart

By • Jun 27th, 2008

This is fun, head over to and play “Sentimental Heart”. It’s just wonderful, She & Him start the song off with a really intimate performance and production at the start of the song, it sucks you in and then it just turns into this huge massed choir ending. Wonderfully schizoid stuff. But this isn’t […]

Sara Storer – Land Cries Out

By • Jun 15th, 2008

Today’s artist will strike some of my friends as an odd one… it’s no surprise that I am not what you would call a “fan” of country. Indeed the sound of a steel guitar usually (but not always sends me running. And then there is Sara Storer, the latest in a select group of people […]

Kurt Nilsen

By • May 10th, 2008

I’ve had a really bad week – so sitting at the computer to write this Duggup was a chance to put everything aside and just immerse myself in some good music. As usual there was so much to choose from but Kurt Nilsen stopped me dead. I know I did and you may too have […]