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Eternal Jazz Project – Hagagatan 14

By • Dec 4th, 2007

Artist: Eternal Jazz Project Track Name: Hagagatan 14 Playback: mp3 Download?: Yes I hadn’t been to the ever fascinating Magnatune for awhile and popped into their front page to see if there was anything of interest (there always is… it’s the choosing that is hard) and there was “Eternal Jazz Project” just sitting there. […]

Chill: James Shuttleworth

By • Nov 11th, 2007

Artist: James Shuttleworth Website: Track Name: TBFW Playback: mp3/flash Download?: Yes/No James Shuttle wrote on his opsound page… I describe most of what I do as “music to walk by”. I love the way having certain pieces of music playing as I walk around changes my perception of my surroundings, and my work is […]

Chill: Ambient Teknology – The Devil’s Toxin

By • Aug 19th, 2007

Artist: Ambient Teknology Website: or Track Name: The Devil’s Toxin Playback: mp3 Download?: Yes The Devil’s Toxin comes from the album of the same name and is the latest creation of Ambient Teknology. This album drives at 100 miles an hour, and when it slow’s down it’s an exploration of the dark and […]

Chill: Quantica – Out There

By • Aug 5th, 2007

Artist: Quantica Website: Track Name: Out There Playback: mp3/flash Download?: Yes There was a request during the week for some trance music. Ever willing to help out I found Quantica, a Psychedelic Trance project based in Ibiza, Spain. Quantica came into existence when two neighbors, Eric Mokotoff and Martin Brooks, after months of hearing […]

The Neo Tabou Project – Traces To Nowhere

By • Jul 29th, 2007

Artist: The Neo Tabou Project Website: or Track Name: Traces To Nowhere Playback: flash Download?: Yes The Neo Tabou Project are a curious lot (well pair actually), there are lots of good ideas here and they are well executed, but I have found that I have to be in the right sort of […]

Chill: Aleksi Virta – ..Meets Torsti At The Space Lounge

By • Jun 10th, 2007

Artist: Aleksi Virta Website: Track Name: princess melodiae Playback: mp3/flash Download?: Yes I am a regular lurker at the Analogue Industries blog of Chris Randall and last week he posted an entry musing on “The Nature Of Things (click the link to read the post). The album that prompted the post was by Aleksi […]

if:then:goto – Elk Statement

By • May 30th, 2007

Artist: if:then:goto Website: one – yet another netlabel Track Name: Elk Statement Playback: mp3/flash Download?: Yes Way back in the first month of CC365, Grant found if:then:goto, so this must be a record (haha… sorry) for a tune to be lost on the MP3 player but there it is. I reloaded an old playlist and […]