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By • Apr 7th, 2008

I first heard this band as the soundtrack to a video about a paper character and Escher like optical illusions by Eugen Erhan. The featured song is the most memorable part of the video – atmospheric, melodic and quite hypnotic and at the same time sharp and experimental. The singer has a trace of an […]

Forgiven Rival

By • Mar 24th, 2008

Be warned – this is a screamo band and you won’t want to miss their overwhelming sound if you are into serious rock. “Forgiven Rival” lack the hair but they have the moves, head banging and guitar slamming. They are a bunch of local lads from Melbourne. They’ve been playing together since late 2004 or […]

Rhys Chatham – Guitar Trio

By • Mar 10th, 2008

Jools is currently hard at work on another project so I get to do today’s piece. And we are going to talk about guitars and a guitarist by the name of Rhys Chatham and the recently re-released “Guitar Trio“. It comes in at around eight minutes long, and helped to establish Chatham’s manifesto of bringing […]

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Orion

By • Dec 11th, 2007

Artist: Rodrigo y Gabriela Website: or Track Name: Orion (or Tamacun or just about anything really) Playback: flash Download?: No Sometimes it takes awhile but eventually the gods (and Google) smile on you. About 18 months back I heard an amazing guitar tune coming from the radio one morning and by the time […]

Powers That Be

By • Jul 28th, 2007

Artist: Powers That Be Track Name: Storybook Playback: mp3 Download?: Yes PTB are an indie band, three of the members are from the western suburbs of Melbourne, working their metal magic on the live music scene (such as it is) for over 10 years. The lead vocalist Ivan Duzel is a talented bloke not […]

Mutiny – Breaking Bach

By • Jun 25th, 2007

Artist: Mutiny Website: Track Name: Breaking Bach Playback: flash Download?: YES It’s Monday and there is nothing to set the whole tone for the week than some hi speed death metal. Well it works for me. Mutiny are another bunch of twenty somethings who can play, there is no doubt about it, they have […]

Imperanon – Corroded

By • Jun 21st, 2007

Artist: Imperanon Website: Track Name: Corroded Playback: mp3/flash Download?: Yes Crunchy guitars time, and the only thing better than crunchy guitars is… crunchy guitars with BIG amps. Hand’s up everyone who guessed that it was “Metal” day. Well done, after a couple of days of “sensitive singer songwriters” I felt it was time for […]