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Stars of Track and Field

By • Jun 3rd, 2009

So I’m slow, it took me weeks to figure out why I was so instantly taken with Stars of  Track and Field’s dreamy atmospheric guitar based sound. Yep it’s their dreamy atmospheric guitar based sound. Like I said “slow” The band consists of Jason Bell – Guitar/Vocals Kevin Calaba – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards Daniel Orvik – Drums/Samples/Programming […]

Yves Klein Blue – Getting Wise

By • May 29th, 2009

It’s been a long while since a band from Queensland impressed as much as Yves Klein Blues (named after French Dada artist Yves Klein and his wonderful piece from the 50’s “Blue – but I digress). Smart arse name aside this is band that knows how to play hard, have a listen to “Silence Is […]

The Calculus Affair

By • May 3rd, 2009

The Calculus Affair appeared on my MP3 player some weeks back as part of the NPR Second Stage podcast (which I can highly recommend as a great source of surprises), and yes they have lots and lots of really interesting guitar sounds. There are two tracks over at The first track is “The Bridge” […]

Autopilot Is For Lovers

By • Apr 26th, 2009

Time for some of my favourite category – hard listening. Autopilot is for Lovers are awesome. Now I will be first to admit that you are unlikely to see the charms of this outfit on the first listen. BUT you really need to persevere.

Adrienne Hatkin,(the lead vocalist) has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. Her performance is so direct and intense. It takes some getting used to.

Paper People

By • Apr 9th, 2009

Paper People, don’t know what to make of them. A bunch of guys from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland who began by jamming on an old mandolin. The tracks are raw, lacking in polish and badly mixed. The vocals at best are impassioned, the level of musicianship leaves a lot to be desired but and […]

Freak Kitchen – Chest Pain Waltz

By • Apr 5th, 2009

Freak Kitchen is a heavy metal/hard rock band from Sweden, they fired up in the early Nineties and kept the same line up until 2000 when the rhythm section was replaced.  Their music is melodic, rich, harmonically complex and full of interesting approaches to time. Lyrically they mine the usual targets – capitalist society, conformity, […]

Dead Hoodlums

By • Apr 4th, 2009

Friday night and here is a Duggup to brighten the gloomy skies over Melbourne, bring a sparkle to your eye and a tapping to your feet. By way of Oslo in Norway come the band called Dead Hoolums. Very much alive I fear and from what I can suss out about them, admittedly not much […]