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By • Aug 24th, 2008

My email sprouts very interesting pieces of information from time to time and here is one bit that obviously fell out of a time warp. I thought I’d share it with you. It is called and as the name suggests it is a site that aggregates live concert footage. Launched in September 2003, […]

Maintenance Day

By • May 6th, 2008

Sorry folks its a maintenance day. Pick something at random from the sidebar at the right We shall be be back to normal tomorrow duggup

The Really Terrible Orchestra

By • Apr 27th, 2008

Way back in the past there was this wonderful (but weird) group called “The Portsmouth Sinfonia“. It was a real orchestra founded by a group of students at Portsmouth School of Art in the Seventies. But there was a catch, to get in you had to be either a non-musician, or if you could play […]

Christmas Break 2007

By • Dec 24th, 2007

Hi, Once again the silly season is upon us and Duggup will be taking a short break . Thank you all for your support and we will return January 14th 2008. All the best. Not Dead Yet

Goat – Moon Rises

By • Oct 19th, 2007

Artist: Goat Website: Track Name: Moon Rises Playback: flash Download?: No (pity) Jools sent me this yesterday with a note that read “One for You”… however did she guess. This is another for the hard listening” file. So if you are looking for something jolly, try this from Shortwave Dahlia more about them next […]

Maintenance Day

By • Oct 3rd, 2007

Sorry folks its a maintenance day, the comment spam program needs updating and it exposed a few database issues. Business as usual tomorrow.

Chill: nonloc

By • Sep 2nd, 2007

Artist: nonloc Website: or Playback: flash Download?: Yes (the files are zipped at This is possibly more of the “hard music” category, Mark Dwinell is one of the founding guitarists of Bright, who have been assembling amazing edifices of sound since the mid Nineties (think Sonic Youthmeets Can or Faust). But we […]